Are Oprah and the Dalai Lama and other do-gooders on the right path ???? We’re not ONE ???

Dear friends,

as some of you know… I’m on my inner retreat since a couple of weeks. Taking a break from and the daily videoblogs. Figuring out if what I do is a good thing… If I need to proceed with all I do and how to do what I wanna do so I can really make a difference… The big question that comes to mind is: do I really need to make a difference ? Since all is good ? All is well… ??!! I promised I would share what came to me… so I do… feel free to comment and share and think/feel with me… I love learning and being inspired…


Now how about this next paradigm… ? ‘They’ say we’re all ONE… but are we really ? I start to believe we’re not all ONE… Yes, we do come from ONE, but here on earth we’re not ONE! Being separate is than actually a good thing, because without that… we wouln’t be able to feel any emotions. We wouldn’t be able to experience all the many experiences offered on the menu of planet earth… By not being ONE we get to be human beings with all that stuff that is part of the amazing adventure of life… And if we wanna feel ONE… we can return to ONE… We don’t have to be ONE right here, right now… Yes/No ? Have you noticed that the more ZEN people are the less they actually need anything and/or experience ? If you’re close to being ONE… do you crave for food/sex/drugs/stuff/things/money/and so on… ? Do you still experience emotions ? Not really… you are left with maybe one thing or two things… peace and love!! Not a bad state/thing ofcourse… but is this really the meaning of life ? I know there’s no one answer btw:))…


That brings me to another question for the Esther Hicks/Secret/LOA-lovers and all smart/spiritual/loving beings on this planet-earth… It is a thought/reflection that came to me today… let me know what you think…

Ok… here it is: I feel I’m here to spread love and activate inner wisdom – therefore Superwise ME!, Superwise Love Foundation, etc. I do what I do because I kinda believe there’s not enough love around and not enough inner wisdom activated and if we all would love some more (unconditionally) and open up to our inner wisdom this world would be a better place for all… That is what I believe… Very nice… BUT… here’s the catch…

I focus on a lack of love and wisdom – unwillingly – through,,… and all my other actions/thoughts/feelings/movies/books/blogs/energy/heart/content/etc… (sidenote: know that I never mind&heartfully acknowledge the lack of love and wisdom in my content… but I know it is there because that is what is driving me to create it so far…)

Because I focus on the lack, therefore and according to the laws of the Universe, what I get/create is not a lot of love/not a lot of inner wisdom… right ??? I get/create more lack and therefore I’m not getting the results I aim for… Hmmmm… so… is the solution to spread love and wisdom without feeling that there’s not enough of it ?? Without being driven by the lack of it ? What would be the motivation then ? How to do this ?? I feel this proably requires a paradigm-shift… and I wonder how other teachers/authors/speakers/do-gooders/gurus go about with this dilemma…

Is Oprah doing what she’s doing because she wants to make our planet a better planet ? So does she think/feel that our planet is not a good place yet ? Same catch… ? What does she create by operating from the place of lack ? Is the Dalai Lama preaching about compassion because he feels there’s not enough of it around ? What does he get/create by preaching/teaching/focussing from that place ? Is Michael Beckwith empowering people because he feels they’re not empowered yet ? So is his focus on the fact that a lot of people need to wake up to their real self ? And with that… what does he get/create by believing that he’s on stage sharing his teachings and words of wisdom because a lot of people need to hear about it ? Does he attract/create more of ‘sleepy people’ ? Is this a catch ? A status quo or worse… ? Does he by doing what he’s doing get more people knowing what he’s discovered by his experiences in his life ?? Or less ? Are gurus/teachers/masters actually not on the right path ? Teaching the wrong way ? Are they leading themselves and us the wrong way – if there’s one ofcourse:-))… Food for thougth ? What would happen if we all changed the paradigm ? If we started preaching/teaching/giving/focussing to ad onto…!!???!

Anywayzzzz…. I know for myself I have to change my paradigm and beliefs. If I want to spread love and activate wisdom and open the hearts of mllions… I can only succeed by not believing/focussing on the fact that a lot of people are not there yet… hmmm… interesting spiritual experiment. I love learning… I’ll see where this road is taking me… Tips/feedback welcome…comment below:-)… A work in progress:-)!!

Love, always, Len Branson (

Superwise ME! - Law of the heart
Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart

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