Today I’m actually repeating the Question from the Universe I posted yesterday… So………..

Dear you,

since I’m going on an inner retreat on friday I thought it would be good to start activating you to come up with some questions yourself. We don’t want to stop the growing, expanding and all, right:-)…  I’ll be out until my bday on the 10th of september. So until then no daily Questions from the Universe delivered by me. But if you sent in video’s with questions you’ve come up with, I’ll be posting them here. So basicly I ask volunteers to step in and join the force of the postoffice from the Universe the next weeks while I’m on my inner retreat.

Since nobody is wiser than you to answer the questions, nobody is better than you to come up with the questions… Right ? I’m looking forward to your question-videos and suggestions. Please, if you feel called… mail ’em to me at and I will take care of delivery of the best ones through this blog the next couple of weeks…

So I repeat my Question from the Universe to you:-)…

for now much love from your mailman from the Universe…


p.s. I’ll be mailing you still with updates on my inner retreat. The reason I’m going is to find some clarity for the next year. I’m on some important crossroads and since I believe I can only serve you best when I’m at the top of my game… I’ll make sure I stay at the top of my game by going inside. So I’ll actually be asking myself some important questions to find out some important answers about myself, my future, my purpose, my life, my goals, etc. Yes, I’ll be expanding, growing, learning until my b’day. I’ll be applying the Power of Questions to myself… So stay tuned to find out what I came up with… What questions I asked and what answers I got… I will be sharing as I always do:-)…

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