You have voted… and this is the RESULT! + A Question from the Universe about CHANGE:-)…

Dearest you,
Goodmorning, Goodevening, Goodafternoon. So the votes are in and counted. It has been a real joy reading all your comments, emails and feedback. Thank you again!! All of you! I’ll try to at least respond to all with a quick personal note:-). So ready for the results ? A daily or weekly Question for the Universe ??
Well, this is what I came up with. Everyone wins:-))…. How about for those who want it daily you subscribe to our youtubechannel ? If you surf to you can sign up and be notified whenever I upload a new video and question. This way you can keep up with your daily workout in the spiritual Gym. I’ll keep posting on a daily basis (except on weekends and holidays, when the Postoffice from the Universe is closed)… And here’s the cool thing… about 50% of you want the questions not daily but weekly. For you I’ll be mailing you once a week the best Question from the Universe of the week.  This way everyone gets exactly what he or she wants:-) and that makes me, your mailman very happy… YOU LIKe?:-))))….
So since today is all about change… Here’s your Question from the Universe for today.
What do you want to change today ? And how will you do it ?
Remember just reading the Questions is activating some cool inner wisdom!
Love, Len Branson, see you tomorrow on Youtube or here at and next week in your INBOX:-)…

PS Don’t forget to share it. Click ‘like’, retweet… and comment below… I do love to read your answers… This is the butterfly effect in full effect and you can be part of this Growth-ripple.

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One thought on “You have voted… and this is the RESULT! + A Question from the Universe about CHANGE:-)…

  1. Hmmmm
    I am going to change the frequency that I visit YouTube, The way I will change is that instead of going there ‘often’… I will go there daily.


    I’ll take the question seriously now. {though, was serious!

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