Still counting the votes + a Question from the Universe about RELEASE:-)… ???

Dearest you,

Still working on a ‘loaner’ (check my post yesterday about that:-))… and counting the votes coming in. Got some people that want it everyday, some people that would love it every week. And someone writing me telling me that I should get them to you as I receive’em…:-)… Next monday I’ll let you know how we will proceed. For now… I have a Question from the Universe for you… Remember to voice’em out aloud and direct them to yourself to open up all wisdom hidden inside of you…

Dearest you, how do you release the stuff you don’t want to hold on to anymore ?

Check the movie Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart for an answer to inspire you. That part is really powerful! I love how Ingeborg TM Sergeant is reaching inside of her to come up with her insights on this topic.  If you are signed up for the Questions from the Universe you should have gotten the link and code to watch this. If you haven’t yet… now is the time:-). The movie is still available for now to watch for free. Please do and share:-)…

Remember that asking yourself questions is really powerful… It is a kickstart for your personal growth.

Don’t forget to share, ‘like’, retweet with your loved ones… This is the butterfly effect in full effect and you can be part of this Growth-ripple.

Thanks again… and see you after the weekend for a new question that will activate your inner wisdom big time,

much Love, Len Branson

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