I HAVE A POLLQUESTION FOR YOU TODAY!!! And some thoughts on ‘setbacks’, problems, ‘bad stuff’… ???

Dear you,

No edited video today on Questionslog.com… instead a beautiful song  and some written thougths on obstacles… Why ? Well let me tell you:-)…

So… this is interesting to me… I’m in California… and my laptop is not working. This almost never happens to me so I brought it to the PCFixer (those who have read my book Superwise ME! know who he is and how my previous encounter with him led me to Rev. Michael Beckwith at Agape in LA). This (my laptop freaking out on me) always happens when I’m here btw… Interesting!!! Wonder why… I take a deep breath:-)…

Anyhow… so again… I experience some technical ‘setbacks’… while I’m trying to bring ‘good stuff’ to the world…  Working with a ‘loaner’ right now… and it is an old, slow computer. So I can’t work as fast as I’m used to… Most of the stuff I normally do in a minute now takes about 10 minutes… Older software so I can’t open my pdf’s… Loggin in to stuff and loading pages takes for ever… I have no office… so I can’t open or check word/excell-attachments and so on and so on… I don’t even have Windows Movie Maker… so I can’t make a video today… The Explorer I use is even too old for wordpress… and I cannot embed the video with the beautiful song on wordpress; so I have to give you the Url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ1AR7bqB7o … Do check it out… It is Lianne La Havas… 

Ah well… I know – from past experience – that everything happens for a (very good)  reason. So I accept, I surrender… I release… and I work with what is…. without resisting it too much:-)… You cannot fight what is, right ?

In the past everything that looked ‘bad’, everything that gave me a hard time, all that held me back has actually delivered amazing stuff… An obstacle is always a learningtool for me. By looking at problems from that perspective the ‘bad stuff’ is transformed in opportunities to grow, expand and become wiser. I get a chance to become better at what I do and how I do it…  It is awesome spiritual practice…  So basicly I’m never that bummed really. When I’m held back I know there must be a good reason… When I experience something that I actually don’t like in the moment, I know something magic is about to happen.  I just have to release the resistance, allow what is, surrender to all… I should not get frustrated nor angry and impatient because something is not working the way I want it. Instead I have to choose trust, faith and love and some lovely patience… :-) … That is the way to go… that is what will make me feel better, change my energy and help me out… Great exercise, great practice. And I’m very grateful to receive these lifelessons……. As I’m writing this blog… I feel my stress actually dissolve. I feel my frustration change in joy… It is what it is! And I look at this as the opportunity as described above… I release and I let go… And I know everything will be allright in the end, if it is not allright, it is not the end, right ?…

And ofcourse having a laptop not working well is not the end of the world;-)…

What will come out of this ? Well maybe this………. 
So I’m very curious to find out why I’m being held back right now from delivering the mail… Maybe your inbox is overflowing (as mine is the last couple of weeks)… Maybe I’m supposed to relax a  little while I’m here in sunny Cali… Can a postman from the Universe go off  on a holliday ? I have to check with HR for that;-)…  and what happens to the daily mail when he does take up some vacationtime ? These thoughts bring me to a Question from the Universe…
You’ve had about 76 Questions from the Universe so far. Daily! Some people like this, some people think it is too much and unsubscribe. Today I wanna ask you if you want a Question every day or one Question a week. What do you like ?
Dear you, do you prefer one Question from
the Universe a week or one daily ??
If you would be so kind to respond to this pollquestion by commenting below at Questionslog.com or mail me at len@dream2.be… that would be so nice:-)… Let me know and I will serve you accordingly:-)… in the meantime… I wish you much much love,

Len Branson, your mailman from the Universe…

ps.2. If you haven’t yet… don’t forget to sign up so you never miss a personalized Question from the Universe ever again.

2 thoughts on “I HAVE A POLLQUESTION FOR YOU TODAY!!! And some thoughts on ‘setbacks’, problems, ‘bad stuff’… ???

  1. I trust my mailman to deliver all mail sent through him… Who am I to question the Universe about timing! LOL

    I believe in my heart that you will deliver any question meant for us which is put in your care.

    I vote #3… send them as they come, whenever they come.

  2. I like the questions on a daily basis. The questions give me à moment for myself, that I can Discover who I am.

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