Oprah was mad at our guest……. ???? Check the video at Questionslog.com and answer your Question from the Universe:-)

Dearest you,

This week is Revelation-week-))))… Check now who Oprah was mad at… And answer the Question from the Universe down below… This is the essential question… Remember that asking yourself questions is really powerful stuff! It’s a kickstart for your personal growth. And nobody is wiser than you, when the matter is you. So have fun with it!

Please don’t forget to share your answer down below today. And click ‘like’, retweet. Thanks again, and see you tomorrow for a new question that will activate your inner-wisdom.

Much Love, Len Branson

p.s. here’ something cool for you if you like music and inspiration: The Superwise Top 40!

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3 thoughts on “Oprah was mad at our guest……. ???? Check the video at Questionslog.com and answer your Question from the Universe:-)

  1. Painful question! I don’t know who I am. I am constantly battling with feelings of terror and despair. I have spent years reading books and downloading self-help material to find out who I am and why I am here and today after years of soul searching I ask myself that question and I think that I don’t know. My ego attacks me and I refuse to listen to that voice so I ask myself at a soul level “Who are YOU”?

    Deep within me the answer is:

    I am the divine child within you. The one who loves you unconditionally and seeks to lead you home to the truth that you are LOVE. Why do you resist it so much? Why do you fail to recognise that you are loved unconditionally. For many years you have struggled with self-hatred and have failed to accept that you are lovable and this has been the cause of your pain.

    Your struggle will continue until you accept this truth. Your feelings of terror and despair will remain your painful reality until you see the impact your thoughts have on your health. Unloving thoughts are at the root of your illness. Dis-ease with yourself will continue to be your enemy until you choose to love and accept yourself just as you are.

    I could write for hours here but will go back to my journal – parading pain and vulnerability on the internet will probably become the new fad.

    I just hope and pray that today millions of us will receive the grace to embrace our beauty and uniqueness. What the world needs now is love, sweet love – it’s the only thing that there is much too little of… x

  2. Who am I? I am Chris, THE perfection of life… I know who I am… I am life! And I love every life on this wonderful planet called earth.

  3. At a spiritual level, all illness, pain, disease, and injuries are the
    language of Spirit telling us what aspect of our lives needs to be brought into harmony with who we are. Therefore, it is wise to examine what is behind the symptom and ask for the lesson, then embrace it and release it. When we release core issues, the illness, pain or disease goes away.

    Presently reading “The Seven Victories of the Divine Child – Claiming Your Divine Inheritance” by Michael Jones and “Outwitting the Devil” by Napoleon Hill.

    After years of education and the search for truth why is it so hard to believe in our inate goodness? Is it just me or does this resonate with anyone else? x

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