About magical encounters with the director of Intouchables, Mr. Brainwash from Exit through the giftshop and MAGIC…

Dearest YOU,
Today is about MAGIC. There’s a lot of magic in my life. I got to meet the director of my favorite movie of 2012 (‘Intouchables’) and tell him how much I love his film. And at the same time I met another French guy I admire… Watch the … to find out who and why and what he shared with me. Now here’s your Question from the Universe for today. Remember that voicing this question is activating answers. And since it is all bout your own answers anyhow… this is a kickstart for personal growth. Nobody is wiser than you when the matter is you.

Do share your answers with us at Questionslog.com… I welcome all inspiration.
Love, Len Branson, your postman from the Universe:-)…

p.s. here’ something cool for you if you like music and inspiration: The Superwise Top 40!

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