This is what happens when a trucker speaks from the heart…

Dearest you,
time for another Question… and another excerpt from the Teachings of Abraham.
Remember just reading the Questions is activating some cool inner wisdom!
Love, Len Branson, your postman from the Universe:-)…

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One thought on “This is what happens when a trucker speaks from the heart…

  1. Wow! What a thing to knock me awake with …hum. This can’t be a coincidence!?!

    All day today, I have been weighing on some opportunity that has come up, as somehow too-good-to-be-true kind of alternative to what I was getting prepared to pursue, because I thought I can’t possible HAVE both of my desires manifesting at the same time, i-e Running my own business, and pursuing higher studies in this field I have been passionate about for a while now. But I got an opportunity for a SBA supported opening on a University Campus that turns out to be one of the 9 institutions in the nation recognized in this field.

    I literally felt this posting was DIRECTED precisely to me. Thank you, Len! Once again ,,, “you blew my socks off” ,,, to quote Abe/Esther. Hope you feel my gratitude to what you are doing for our planet, and each of us, ever since our soul-paths intersected.

    Namaste ({})

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