One thought on “Do you know the difference between gratitude and gratefulness ? Meet Lynne Twist… and get a Question for your personal growth…!

  1. I am grateful for God and all the so many beautiful ways I experience His presence: IN the happy chirping of the birds … the melodic welcome of nature to the Dawn [so unlike the man-made alarm :-] , IN the morning rays of Sunshine that kiss my face lovingly, waking me up to Warmth & Light that is replenished every second, despite the perceived distance that calls for units of light-years, IN the green leaves of the trees that sparkle in the morning sun outside my bedroom window … it was just but a bunch of bare stems and branches a few months ago … nobody had to water it, or give it fertilizers, or wax its leaves in order to make them shine, … and IN the fact that the Sun doesn’t send the tree Energy Bills, nor the Sky… Water Bills for the rain-drops that nourish it … and IN the magnanimity of Nature.

    Watching the tree outside my bedroom window reminds me of all the things my body does without needing my “thinking” to assist its functions. I think about how it instantly remembers what I hoped to welcome into my day as the day wakes up with me. I think about the difficulty of finding a file I saved in my computer when I forget the name of the file [no matter how much I remember the content of the file], … but my “considerate” Heart reminds me – by that funny feeling – when I had forgotten something, even when my mind is too pre-occupied to remember to get my phone, my keys, documents, an item in my to-do list etc.

    As I put on my clothes, I think of how much clothe I went through from Birth to this point, and how much energy & work is put into making them, and how much money my parents, siblings, friends and I had to spend … and I think of my Body that carries my Soul through my experiences in this Universe. IN all these years I didn’t have to worry about how to “form”, or “shape” it into what it is [a human body] … besides the basics of appreciating what it needs to function healthily …

    God doesn’t send me a bill for it [for the body he gives me everyday :-)] and the cars I drove which my body out-lived over and over again, though are made with steel frames & metal, always break down, and they are always 100 times more expensive than what it takes to LET my body BE healthy and Dance Out my Soul’s Journey. And this is JUST the beginning … and I haven’t even got to the serendipity, ingenuity, creativity of the Universe … that plays out a given day in my life in such meaningful melodies.

    Well, what am I grateful for??? Thank God there is much to be grateful for … but most of all, I am grateful for the Love of God that makes all this possible and my gratitude genuinely felt!

    Thank you Len, for invoking this gratitude journal … I am grateful for you too 🙂

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