A question about inspiration + a Belgian rockband live at a Dutch radiostation…

Dearest you,

Last day of MUSIC-WEEK! I so enjoyed this week… Lots of inspiring songs + some cool Questions from the Universe to activate your inner wisdom. Remember that asking yourself questions is really powerful stuff! It’s a kickstart for your personal growth.  Here’s a new one to ponder on:-)…

Please don’t forget to share your answer down below today because you might inspire someone else:-)… And click ‘like’, retweet. This is the butterfly effect in full splendor and you can be part of its ripple effect! Let us all inspire all:-)…

Thanks again and see you monday for another Question from the Universe and I will reveal some people that inspire me…

Much Love, Len Branson

p.s. here’ something cool for you if you like music and inspiration: The Superwise Top 40!

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5 thoughts on “A question about inspiration + a Belgian rockband live at a Dutch radiostation…

  1. Thanks for sharing! Love Triggerfinger! It is that ‘simple’…
    And as an answer to your question: I was at a concert of the dutch singer Anouk last saturday, she inspires me! Although she had to deal with a lot of crap in her private life lately, she was there, passionate, being herself, singing with 18000 people! Respect!

  2. I am inspired by random beauty in the world, never quite knowing when I’ll be hit by it. It makes life even more of an exciting adventure. I am inspired by people who are vulnerable, honest, sure, benevolent, generous, passionate…really these descriptions are connected to being the Spirit of Love….and lastly I am inspired by these daily Questions from the Universe.

    Thank you.

  3. I am inspired by to many things to list. I’ve learned to look out at the world and at myself through eyes of deep gratitude and appreciation. Everything in one way or another inspires me. These questions are a GREAT inspiration!!! Thanks : )

  4. I am inspired by my mama who is a wonderful person very strong emancipated woman and I like that. I am also inspired by wonderful nature a good book or movie and by children who are acting as not being influenced by the “big world” In
    the last years I am very inspired by a man who I in love with, but unfortunately I do not know him personally but he inspires every day of my live and gives me courage to go ahead every day……

  5. Ik word van dit liedje zo ontzettend BLIJ !!

    Ik laat me momenteel inspireren door het boek ‘Zielsveel’….Werkt zo verhelderend dat ik daar héél blij van word.

    En ik ben blij omdat ik weer blij kan zijn !


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