A ride in my car in Holland… with Chris Pierce and a Question from the Universe ???

Dearest you,

So after Danyel Johnson, the precious Adele-cover and the flashmob for Oprah it is time for my brother Chris Pierce. He’s an amazing artist who combines soul, pop, rock, blues and gospel all in one. Since we’re all ONE his music is the soundtrack of that:-)… His music is featured on the HBO-serie ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and on the soundtrack of Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart. How him and I got together is a magical story that illustrates profoundly what can happen when you listen to your heart.

The man has been on stage with the likes of Aaron Neville, BB King, Seal and so on. If he ever performs in your neighbourhood, go check him out and say hi from me. You will be captured by his music, talent and voice. Guaranteed! Besides he’s a generous, lovely, passionate dude who also has his own wine (Ledbetter). Can you tell I love him ? Yes, I do:-)!

Ok, let us go to the Question from the Universe.

Remember that asking yourself questions is really powerful stuff! It’s a kickstart for your personal growth. Have fun with it! And please don’t forget to share your answer down below today. And click ‘like’, retweet. This is the butterfly effect in full splendor and you can be part of its ripple effect! Let us all inspire all:-)…

Thanks again, and see you tomorrow for a new question that will activate your inner-wisdom big time and a song from a Belgian band… played live at 3FM in the Netherlands.

Much Love, Len Branson

p.s. here’ something cool for you if you like music and inspiration: The Superwise Top 40!

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2 thoughts on “A ride in my car in Holland… with Chris Pierce and a Question from the Universe ???

  1. Beautiful song indeed (thanks for sharing!) …. but the best part of the video is when you lip sync ;-))) Isn’t Holland just beautiful?!..

    Why don’t I listen to my heart?!…therein lies all the answers I guess and sometimes it’s very confrontational. Answers could mean clarity, strength, letting go and moving forward, but it could also mean upheaval & change.

    In the past sometimes fear has prefend me from listening to my heart, especially when one was not ready (yet!) for change (.. so change eventually was forced upon me 😉

    Having said that though …. these days its the other way around. Most of the time I do listen to my heart; I hear it loud & clear. It’s comforting, it puts a smile on my face and sometimes …….. I can even hear it sings 😉

    So … I breathe in strength & release my fears. I act inspite of my fears. I trust my intuition & live a courages life.

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