Music-week:-)))))))… Today the best surprise evah for Oprah…

Dearest you,

This week is MUSIC-WEEK:-))))… Lots of inspiring songs + cool Questions from the Universe to activate your inner wisdom. Remember that asking yourself questions is really powerful stuff! It’s a kickstart for your personal growth. And nobody is wiser than you, when the matter is you. So have fun with it!

Now go out and surprise the world:-) or a person or yourself:-)))… And please don’t forget to share your answer down below today. And click ‘like’, retweet. Thanks again, and see you tomorrow for a new question that will activate your inner-wisdom. Oh, and go here to check some stories on random acts of kindness.

Much Love, Len Branson

p.s. here’ something cool for you if you like music and inspiration: The Superwise Top 40!

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6 thoughts on “Music-week:-)))))))… Today the best surprise evah for Oprah…

  1. Natuurlijk mijn lieve vrouw Marinka.
    Ook wil ik vandaag mijn ex partner verrassen met een mooi bericht.
    Ik ga vandaag mezelf ook niet vergeten!

  2. I’m feeling so Blessed right now….always!! I love seeing all the ways that we are connected to each other….we are One!! Such a great time to BEing!!! Thanks Len….you are amazing!!! ❤

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