2 thoughts on “The Great Dictator ???

  1. I don’t know the answer. I don’t know how to unite, at this moment.

    The things I try to do everyday are, listen to the people around me , care about them, help them if I can and surround them with my love ( the same love I feel for myself). And enjoy living here on this planet.
    They can take everything from me, but they cann’t take away who I am.
    Even if I die, my energy is not lost, but will be united with all other free energy.
    We will be as one, as we have always been. We have never been seperated. They want us to believe we are seperate. So we are vulnerable.
    And that we think that we should unite, to protect our self against them. But we are already one, we only need to remember.

    ps. Forgive me my bad english

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