A Love-experiment… wanna join ?

Dearest you,

The last day of the LOVE-week… I had fun and was able to deliver a couple of cool Questions from the Universe… And yesterday was so awesome… A lot of people participated in the Little Love-workshop… Some very beautiful Love-songs came out of this… Go check out the clip here… and join the parade… Share your Love-song below at http://www.questionslog.com.
Now here’s your Question from the Universe for today…Njoy:-)… and see you on monday:-)!! We’re closing the Universe-post-office in the weekend…
Surf to www.newwordforlove.org to find out why the Universe is asking you this… It seems there’s an interesting experiment going on up there… Remember just reading the Questions is activating some cool inner wisdom!
Love, Len Branson, your postman from the Universe:-)…

PS Don’t forget to share it. Click ‘like’, retweet… and comment below… I do love to read your answers… This is the butterfly effect in full effect and you can be part of this Growth-ripple.

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