The Dalai Lama buys a pizza…

Dearest you,

Today we’ll laugh:-)… Laughing is truly one of the best spiritual practices out there… Have you ever tried to think when you laughed ? Yes…laughing empties the head:-)… The most fun meditation on the spiritual buffet…

So here’s your Question from the Universe:

‘What makes you laugh ?’

Now go and laugh a little today… Have a great weekend… and see you monday with a new inspirational question.  This daily workout will get you in shape in no time. Being happy is all about knowing who you are, why you are… Knowing starts with an answer, and an answer starts with a question… Asking the question is evoking the answers…  It is that easy…

Share your comments down below if you like… This will inspire someone else and with that you’re part of his or hers awakening, while you become a little more enligthened yourself. Writing the answer down or even voicing it is really good for your soul. It nourishes your answermuscles...

much Love, Len Branson

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6 thoughts on “The Dalai Lama buys a pizza…

  1. I could not stop laughing at this video & the Dalai Lama’s reaction to the request “can you make me One with Everything” — absolutely priceless!! Thank you for sharing. This is exactly what makes me laugh – wit, expressions, kids innocent questions about life & simple actions that are not predictable! 🙂

  2. Thanks, this is exactly the kind of humor that makes me laugh all day !!! Let’s be seriously smiling people !!!

  3. the pizza cost 7 euro,when the Dali lama paid for the pizza he only had a 10 euro bill, he patiently waited for the clerk to return the 3 euros, after a while he asked for his change. the clerk replied….. change comes from within !!!!! 🙂 from Rene Cyr

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