Ready to ponder ?????

Dearest you,

It is tuesday in my part of the world now… Happy you’re back… Good for me, good for you, good for the world:-)))…

Asking yourself questions is really powerful… It is a kickstart for your personal growth. Got this comment today on FB… On Question 3:

“How insightful i asked myself what do i worry about and i got back ….that i don’t have to worry …..whoah i let it settle and feel the response lots of things clicking into place :))))”… That is what Questions from the Universe can do for you…  Do you want to comment also ? Please do below.  And here it is your Question from the Universe today… It is about ‘control’…

Now here’s your Question from the Universe for today… Ponder on this one:-)…

Don’t forget to share it. Click ‘like’, retweet… This is the butterfly effect in full effect and you can be part of this Growth-ripple.

Thanks again… and see you tomorrow for a new question that will activate your inner wisdom big time,

much Love, Len Branson

p.s. tomorrow the Question-Topic is ‘friends’… I’ll shoot it at my friend Koen’s B’day-bash at Ummi in Amsterdam…

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8 thoughts on “Ready to ponder ?????

  1. With the little control we do have everyday in our lives I try to be conscious about my intake of food, fueling the body with nourishment and exercise, the mind stimulated with the beauty of nature, keeping my in-box organized clear of junk mail, and responding to people’s wants and needs effectively and with compassion. The rest of life I leave it to the ‘invisible’ hand at work and go with the flow…… is good that way!:)

  2. I try to control emotions. . . Why? Although I know that my emotions are perfect for each specific moment, I just cannot feel it . . . yet!

  3. I’m Controling Evert day my dicipline-:) don’t wait for tomorrow but do it now!!!!!! Its not easy but little by little…….I Will Get there ;-)))

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