The butterfly effect in full effect… Wanna join ?

Dearest you,

YES… you came back for more:-)! Good! Do you want to comment ? Please do below.  And ladies and gents… here it is your Question from the Universe today… It is about worry…

Hope you liked it… if you did… don’t forget to share it. The main purpose is to touch as many people as possible. The more on their journey to Love and Beauty… the better our world is becoming. This is the butterfly effect in full effect and you can be part of this Question-ripple.

Thanks again… and see you tomorrow for a new question that will activate your inner wisdom,

much Love, Len Branson

p.s. tomorrow the Question-Topic is ‘beauty’…

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15 thoughts on “The butterfly effect in full effect… Wanna join ?

  1. I worry when I feel anxious, stressed or pressured …… it reflects my Being is not in touch with the Universe and off balanced …… and the need to bring it back to equilibrium……

  2. Hello there,

    I worry the most about my body! On the moment, very in search of my inner wisdom in that case… so thanks, good question!!!! Any tips to find my own answer? 😀

    Kathleen xxx

      • Ik worry the most about the future of high sensitive persons in our material world.

      • the main thing is to stay focused on faith,not a religious faith, just faith that the universe always supports you and by your action, you support the universe.
        at the same time, never open the door to fear; if you do, it sucks out all your energy and you loose your faith!
        … after a good training, you can observe fear from a distance, without being drained but be careful, it’ll always be around to test you on your faith!

        it works… I have tested it many times 🙂

  3. On this moment? I have no worries! I live by the day! You can worry about everything .But that is not my case. Maby a worry about the planet or disapearing love for annimals and greedy peaple all around. Maby this is my worry!??
    I am a friend of my master OSHO.

    with love Chetanaa.

    • Welcome Chetanaa… glad you share what you (might);-) worry about:-)… If we would all focus on a better world instead of our worries. This place would be really awesome:-)… I believe we can get there:-)

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