About QuestionsLog.com

Copyright 2009 (picture by Steve de Wit)
Len Branson, Founder QuestionsLog.com

Dear Answer-seeker,

QuestionsLog.com is specifically created as an empowering and free growth-tool for everyone to become wiser and thus happier in a fun and almost effortless way… While I was researching for my first book and documentary Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart (www.superwiseme.com). I found that asking questions is holding a tremendous power. It is an awesome, great and easy way to activate inner wisdom. And it is so simple to do. Because we all have the questions. We all have’em piled up by the stacks. By becoming conscious of the Power of Questions something huge is unfolding inside of everyone of us (you can read more on this method for free in Superguide ME! to be found at blurb.com).

So wanna be happier ? Asking questions is evoking the answers you’ll need to get there. This is the shortcut, the easy-to-use roadmap you’ve been looking for. Stop seeking without, go within… Just asking the right question and listen to your own answers is all you have to do to become profoundly wise and thus very peacefull and at ease with your life… That is really all it takes to be on your way to true happiness. This is not new news. This procedure has been put in use by the ancient Greeks (Plato, Socrates,…), The Dalai Lama (who often answers a questioin with a question so the one asking the question is enabled and triggered to find his or her answer from within) and even Jesus was preaching about the Power of Questions. Author Paolo Coelho says that we all have the same questions, but our own answers. My mentor Michael Beckwith puts it cool: “It can’t be taught, it has got to be caught”. So yes, I don’t have the answers, but I do have some cool questions so you’ll be able to catch wathever you need to catch in that inner-pond of yours…

A question will inspire you to go inside… and thus activate your inner wisdom, you get to practice without even doing any effort. The trick is not to listen to your mind but to your heart, your inner GPS. Yes, that takes some practice… but from practice comes second nature. So keep up! Keep going. Asking questions, voicing them, writing them down… is getting you on the way. Before you know it… you’ll know all you want to know, understand all you need to grasp, find inner peace and become a happier YOU! Do this everyday… Surf to http://www.questionslog.com. It only takes one second to read the daily question. That is all… one second a day will keep the doctor away forever:-)… Enjoy this new way of being superwized! This is the shortcut to happiness you’ve been waiting for… and please share your answers and comments with us and the world. Let us inspire each other…

Ask yourself…  Nobody is wiser than you when the matter is you… Right?Right:-)!

If you like to activate your inner wisdom and be on the path to real joy, true bliss and everlasting happiness (GUARANTTEED)… sign up for your daily Question from the Universe now… Give this a chance and enjoy the ride. Invite your loved ones to join the parade… Let us all become happier and happier and happier… Imagine the world with happy people. Possible ? Yes!

Joining our community will inspire you with a daily question that will make you think, feel, reach inside…    

 to your new and true awakening,

Much love,

Len Branson, Founder QuestionsLog.com and www.superwiselovefoundation.org

p.s. Check the trailer of Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart

One thought on “About QuestionsLog.com

  1. Len Branson is a genius without a doubt!
    The other day I got this question as I singed up for daily wisdom!
    Len Said:

    What is your first impression of yourself ?

    p.s. Remember that you get unlimitd second chances in life to change that first impression… Really! You do:-)!

    Now, ….this answered a question of mine I have been struggling with for 20 years or more! That is really something! Who can do this? Thank you Len for your commitment to mankind and those who badly need your wisdom!
    Adrienne Papp
    Los Angeles, USA

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