About Len Branson

Michael Beckwith and Len Branson

Len Branson is not your regular teacher or guru. When you ask him a question, he will not answer with an answer. Maybe with a question or some cool inspirational stuff, but never ever with an answer… He firmly believes that nobody is wiser than you, when the matter is you. If and when he’s tempted to advice, he always and never forgets to ad to his answer that he’s only offering the best information for himself, wishing it is inspiring to another.

About 12 years ago Branson (nope, he’s not related btw) decided to become a millionaire at 40. He intended to be filthy rich after being fired from his job as a Program Director for the Belgian and Dutch MTV (The Music Factory). Having been forced to rethink and relaunch his career was a true blessing in disguise, he found out in the process. And ofcourse he didn’t quite know at the time that the real riches would come from within. In the beginning of 2009 Branson woke up in the middle of the night with the idea to formulate an European answer to the personal growth-phenomenonThe Secret.

He decided to test the Law of Attraction, which is described in this worldwide bestselling book and movie. His dream became reality from the early thoughtin february to the actual thing on 09/09/09 when he left on a roadtrip for 9 days to an old monastery in Andalusia, Spain with 9 wise men and 9 witnesses from Holland and Belgium and a small TV-crew to be part of the beginning of the biggest spiritual experiment ever: Superwise ME! – Law of the Heart. On that blessed day at his 40th birthday – celebrated on the set and documented in the film – he very strongly realized he indeed had become a millionaire. He had traveled the world, produced dream after dream, learned from the best teachers around and crossed paths with the likes of Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, Marie Diamond, Stephen Covey, Vishen Lakhiani, Sean Stephenson and so on… He had discovered the path to the real riches, not the fake bankaccount-dollar-joy, nor the instant ferrari-happiness. His wish to be superrich at 40 was granted… He became and still is an Inner-Millionaire practicing what he teaches and walking his talk.

Trailer Superwise ME  -Law of the Heart

Since the start of Superwise ME! a lot has happened in the life of this fresh, new transformational filmmaker and author. His first documentary was picked up by national television in Holland and selected for the European Buddhist Film Festival in Amsterdam and the Eigentijds Festival Holland. The DVD was released in the spring of 2011 in Belgium and Holland and he also established himself as an author and speaker by publishing his debut Superwise ME! – Gelukkig door Eigenwijsheid in 2010 through one of Holland’s biggest publishing companies (WPG/Arbeiderspers). In the winter of 2010 Len moved to Hollywood to bring the Superwise ME!-brand to the United States. Immediately he was signed by renowned literary agent Bill Gladstone, who also is representing A-list authors like Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch and Jack Canfield. Agape Media International – co-owned by Michael Beckwith – picked up the DVD-rights for the States and Canada…

How he manifested all of this has been amazingly, yes even provokingly simple and magical at the same time. It’s been so easy, almost effortless that he just couldn’t wait to share the good news and create more content about that one thing he discovered by doing, studying, living, expanding and growing as a human being on this planet. As a self-named spiritual guinea pig – pledging to follow his heart for a 100% – he has been sharing his message and journey on many platforms on- and offline. He is a speaker, has written books, made movies and also founded the Superwise Love Foundation. All with just one important purpose. He wants to show the world how easy it is to uncover the final answer to all questions pondered. Inspire everyone to become really happy and feel true joy and live at that place of unconditional love. His biggest wish is to make the world a better place and enthuse everyone to become the change they wish to see in the world.

Imagine a world where there is no – or at least – less war, pollution, greed, pain, famine, lack, abuse, frustration, agression, sickness… Sounds like a wonderful place right ? And it is possible to get there. There is a way and it all starts with YOU!As his mentor Michael Beckwith states in his book and PBS-special: The answer is YOU! An empowered you will inevitably inspire your family, your friends, your collegeaus… By simply changing the energy from within you will change all that is without… Guaranteed! That is why Len Branson is on a quest. Are you in ? Who wants to change the world ? Who wants to be a REAL millionaire?

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